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How to Use Recurring Patterns of History to Prosper No Matter What the Economy is Doing and Survive the Storm that is Coming, Please visit the book's website for insightful reading on long term economic cycles and their historic impact.

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​​"Tesseract" will incorporate all of the proprietary market timing and trading techniques developed over the years."  says Joseph Holleman, CEO & Founder of Magister.   Initially, the system will begin trading in the S&P futures and will add the NASDAQ futures, Euro, Japanese Yen, other currencies, and, perhaps, even Bitcoin. Other markets, particularly the energy and metals markets, individual stocks, etc., will follow soon afterwards.  


Proprietary Investment Research & Analytics

Welcome to Magister Investment Research where our goal is to provide the most unique, innovative and profitable investment research analysis in the world today for financial institutions, professional traders and individual investors.

We produce an array of proprietary indicators that have been developed over 30 years of research that offer investors and traders a profitable edge in their investing across a wide array of markets around the world, from the very short term to the very long term.

Analysis & Indicators    

CIT or “Change in Trend” Cycles:   A concept developed to determine very short term cycles in human behavior. These cycles are “reversal cycles” when applied to intraday market data because they tend to identify very short term reversals in market trends REGARDLESS of what market they are applied to. Once the basic intraday CIT timing forecast is issued, it is then applicable to ALL markets. The trend changes may differ from market to market in direction and degree, but a trend reversal does tend to occur with approximately a 70% regularity from one CIT forecast into the next regardless of what market they are applied to. The other 30% of the time you will get a brief pause against the trend and then it will accelerate again with the trend.  These cycles are also applicable on daily time frames and are often used to isolate likely points of market reversal ahead of time. ​

DQ or Disequilibrium Analysis:  These are indicators that quantify what George Soros described as “reflexivity” in financial markets. On a long term basis, we have used this approach to analyze some of the most profitable trades by the greatest traders of all time such as George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Jesse Livermore have found in almost EVERY instance the DQ analysis was able to quantify their success and provided a model that can be replicated into the future on a short & long term time frame.  In other words, this model allows you to largely quantify what made the greatest trades of all time possible and implement that knowledge into your own trading strategy.  In addition, DQ analysis provides a very effective tool for determining whether the market’s assessment of volatility is over or undervalued providing an extremely useful tool for options trading.  It can also be used as a very useful means of determining the best markets to trade in from one day to the next as its always the markets with rising volatility trends that produce the greatest opportunities.

Magister Pivot Points:  This is a proprietary approach to calculating daily ranges along with support and resistance points.  Once seeing them in action,  you will never want to be without them again.  There will be online calculator available soon that will allow you to manually input the OHLC for the various markets to get those pivots for the next day. 

Magister Price Projections:   This is a technique for automatically forecasting likely zones of market support and resistance on various time frames that is unlike anything you are likely to see elsewhere when it comes to sheer accuracy and reliability.